Cameron Jewellery

Cameron Jewellery
Contact: Peter and Jill Cameron. Cameron Jewellery has been one of the leading manufacturing Jewellers in New Zealand for almost 26 years. The boutique jewellery gallery is owned by Peter and Jill Cameron. The store offers handmade pieces of unique jewellery, made by Peter Cameron, and Sam Wrait or other manufacturing jewellers from the Manawatu, New Zealand and Australia. The vision was created in 1984 when the Cameron's saw a gap in the market and decided to seize the opportunity. They wanted to offer a unique jewellery experience, that gave unprecedented customer service. While offering an alternative to major chain stores, creating relationships that are built on trust and knowledge, to help support the aspirations and talents of young jewellers and artist by supporting their creativity. The Cameron's hold their core values very high and do everything with them in mind.
Phone: 06 359 0288
Fax: 06 359 0288
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